About DVC Ministry

Description of Picture.We officially started June 13, 2002 with a goal to speak the truth about crack cocaine and how it CAN be conquered forever.

We started broadcasting on the internet 75 minute shows packed with truth, testimonials and facts from peoples lives that have been changed after going thru our 75 Day Program to destroy crack cocaine forever!

From the tremendous success and following we developed from our broadcasts and 75 Day Program - we have now brought this very power format to seeking and destroying all the lies lucifer has dumped on the world from the beginning of time and especially today 2018 - all the dis-information, wrong news blasts, incorrect dipiction of God and the overwhelming attack against Jesus Christ to name just a few of the distractions meant to keep us from the truth - and that truth is we need to be "following-believing-listening and trusting Jesus Christ.

We have gone from "Can You Say Jesus Christ"  to  "The Power in Jesus Christ"

We are glad you found us and truly hope you find what you need and are looking for!